5 Reasons You Can’t Afford to Miss BrandStorm 2019

BrandStorm is a project of the United Fresh Produce Marketing & Merchandising Council, where produce marketers, both green and seasoned, come together under one cloud.

The fourth annual BrandStorm is a few short weeks away! Here are five reasons you can’t afford to miss this highly energized, marketing focused conference hosted by United Fresh. 

1  Inspiration is Invaluable

Try as they might to contain us, we passionate marketers of fresh produce will always find a way to be different and stand out. But that takes both perspiration and inspiration, am I right? Marketers often get those game-changing ideas when we are surrounded by other game changers. Thus, just drinking the BrandStorm Kool-Aid is enough to reignite your mojo for memorable marketing.


2  Meaty Content

From the Wednesday tour in Sonoma to hearing from the CEO and Founder of Hint, this is three days of content you can really sink your teeth into. It’s not often you can find this breadth of marketing-driven content from such an amazing range of presenters. Pro Tip: bring a body double so you can hit both tracks.

3  Two Words: San Francisco

There’s no bad time of year to be in San Francisco, but I’m excited to go in February versus November as in years past. The energy, the food, the lights… The vibes in SF are guaranteed to make you want to get out and create something big.


4  Networking Doesn’t Feel Like Networking

Quite possibly the highlight of events for any marketer is the networking. And the best part about networking at BrandStorm—is that it actually doesn’t feel like networking. You’re with your people here! It’s tough to have awkward conversations with the endlessly dynamic crew of people you’ll hang with.


5  Making Marketing Heard

It was years before a whole event dedicated to supporting marketers of fresh produce was successfully created (thanks United Fresh!) We understand it can be a tough sell, but it’s a really important one to make to your senior leadership. BrandStorm has helped make marketing heard in our industry and that, my friends, is invaluable. We have to lead by example, and it all starts with your attendance.

Hope to see you there!

P.S. Get more info and register on the BrandStorm website