Blog : New Photo Site!

No matter what type of purchase decision we’re faced with, we all shop with our eyes. This makes imagery a critical investment to any company, brand, service or product. It’s tempting to take the DIY approach—but there’s a time and a place to trust professionals. The award-winning team behind McDill Photography can be trusted to…

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Pure Flavor Rebrand: Project Spotlight

A Lifestyle Brand…In Fresh Produce?! When we took on the Pure Flavor rebrand project, the challenge was a really juicy one—to create a lifestyle brand. The idea was that this leading greenhouse grower wanted to promote more than just it’s high quality, trusted fresh vegetables. This special company is forward-thinking enough to promote a healthy…

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Highlights from Expo West 2018

It never ceases to amaze us how much Expo West grows each year. 2018 brought an awesome focus on Hot Products with an extra day dedicated to emerging brands and new disruptors. Other than the trends we expected (think plant-based, functional, protein bars and healthier snacks)—there were a few things worth noticing. Watch the video…

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2018 Trade Shows: It’s Your Year

While some of us are just warming up to 2018, others are well into the zone of making this the best year yet for trade show events. And with shows in every industry more competitive than ever, it’s critical to ensure a solid game plan is planned, executed and measured. From new product launches and…

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BrandStorm Takeaways: The Top 5

Find Your Posse – In Life and in Marketing Perhaps the best thing about BrandStorm is the sheer thrill of being around other marketers of fresh produce. It’s literally the only couple of days a year that you can be 100% certain that you don’t have to explain what you do. And it’s the ideal…

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Rethinking Your Packaging: NOW is the Time!

After years of developing packaging for brands in retail grocers — we’ve seen first-hand how critical an effective design can be. With the a rapidly changing market of discerning consumers, packaging design has never been more critical. We could rattle off hundreds of reasons why now is the time to rethink your brand’s packaging ……

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VIDEO: Expo West 2017 Highlights

It was another record-breaking year at ExpoWest! From on-trend flavors and formats, to cool cause marketing and the use of VR — we loved a lot of what we saw. Check out some of the highlights in our video! Let us help you stand out at your next trade show. Contact us to learn more!