Powered Packaging


Develop packaging strategy and designs for Monterey Pasta Company club and retail products (over 30 items in all) for a relaunch that supports its brand positioning.


  • Develop unique structure for both club and retail lines that allowed for a bigger billboard of messages
  • Create master package design templates for multiple line extensions
  • Develop substantial photography library for packaging as well as other sales and marketing materials
  • Support Monterey Pasta Co’s aggressive product pipeline with ongoing marketing strategy and design work
  • Create packaging process and proofing system for internal team
  • Participate in press checks and quality assurance programs to ensure color accuracy and cost efficiencies
  • Develop supporting campaign concepts, point of sale and additional assets to promote products to trade and consumer audiences


The packaging relaunch effectively gained new customers and distribution points. Results within the first month of conversion reflected a 21% increase in sales from the prior year.