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Rethinking Your Packaging: NOW is the Time!

After years of developing packaging for brands in retail grocers — we’ve seen first-hand how critical an effective design can be. With the a rapidly changing market of discerning consumers, packaging design has never been more critical. We could rattle off hundreds of reasons why now is the time to rethink your brand’s packaging ……

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VIDEO: Expo West 2017 Highlights

It was another record-breaking year at ExpoWest! From on-trend flavors and formats, to cool cause marketing and the use of VR — we loved a lot of what we saw. Check out some of the highlights in our video! Let us help you stand out at your next trade show. Contact us to learn more!

SnackWell’s: Been There Done That

SnackWell's Devil's Food Rebrand

The SnackWell’s brand has seen quite an evolution over the years. From the iconic brand in the 80’s to that tribal tattoo vibe in the 90’s, SnackWell’s has been there and done that. So when the McDill team was approached to bring it into the era of “free from” ingredient statements for a “family friendly”…

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The Case For Custom Imagery in an iPhone Era

The Case for custom imagery

In this day and age it’s difficult to overstate the importance of engaging, custom imagery on your company’s social media platforms (not to mention other marketing!), and there’s no shortage of tools to help keep your content aesthetically appealing and clickable. But do-it-yourself content creators is not what this article is about. More and more, companies…

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Marketing The Cold Brew Revolution

Cold brew coffee is all the rage at the moment, so it’s no surprise to see companies upping the game with their label and package design, trying something different to set themselves apart from the competition. Here’s a few brands that I think are doing that very well. Slingshot Coffee Co. is based in North…

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