Epic Brand Departure

Group shot of Martinelli's fruit juice products

When you’ve spent 100 years building a brand that embodies your generations of family business and a commitment to premium quality—you don’t take deviating from it lightly.

And trust us, when we approached Martinelli’s to consider working with us, there was a lot of persuading to do. They had never worked with an outside agency, and didn’t have any plans to. But unbeknownst to us, they did have plans for a new line of juices featuring on-trend superfruits. And they knew this was going to require taking a new perspective on branding and design.

"Fruit Virtues" by Martinelli's

Fortunately, Martinelli’s agreed with our team to start with messaging and positioning. After building the framework of how to differentiate the product line, we jumped right into product naming. Once “Fruit Virtues” was finalized and in the hands of the legal eagles, the real fun began.

Shrink wrapping the iconic Martinelli’s single-serve juice bottle was new territory. So as we worked through the design, the McDill and Martinelli teams also worked through the complicated nature of product lines, graphic warping and covering product. Along the way, we tasted the juice formulations and gave feedback. For us, there’s nothing more fun than being this ingrained in the process.

This epic departure of the Martinelli’s heritage brand was a leap.

A risk worth taking, the Fruit Virtues line made it’s way onto the shelves through existing sales channels as well as DSD (direct service distribution), more new territory.

Lemonades by Martinelli's

What else happened?

  1. Martinelli’s effectively broadened its product line and category opportunities. Win for Martinelli’s!
  2. The reception from retail partner and end consumers to a new look for Martinelli’s was a good one. This opened doors for additional packaging updates and new line extensions  including a new line of Lemonades. Win for McDill!
  3. The Martinelli’s Fruit Virtues packaging earned creative accolades each time it was entered. Industry recognition was a great validation for all of us—a true win-win.

So what?

It’s scary to deviate from an established brand. But today’s market demands to be intrigued in new ways, even by the brands they are loyal to. If you have a proven marketing partner, epic brand departures can turn to epic wins and partnerships.

What did the client say?

“The resulting award-winning packaging designs have been readily accepted by the trade and are sure to illicit impulse consumer purchasing decisions too. McDill’s broad expertise in everything from messaging and creative design to the intricacies of printing makes them a valuable extension of the Martinelli team.”

—John Martinelli, President, Martinelli’s

If you’re thinking epic departure, NFP (nutrition fact panel) compliance or just a refresh, you can trust your brand with McDill.

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