: New Photo Site!

No matter what type of purchase decision we’re faced with, we all shop with our eyes.

This makes imagery a critical investment to any company, brand, service or product. It’s tempting to take the DIY approach—but there’s a time and a place to trust professionals.

The award-winning team behind McDill Photography can be trusted to capture your product as its best to make the most of that first impression. And beyond that first impression, we have the expertise to carry out a consistent image presence that elevates brands.

Looking for that hero food shot?









Need lifestyle imagery that puts your product in the middle of a candid moment?









Want to bring people behind the scenes of your organization?









And don’t forget those all-important product shots that bring sales and marketing materials to the next level…









We’ve been there, shot that.

Our on-site photo studio in the Monterey Bay area is fully equipped with a newly remodeled kitchen and a stocked prop room. Rural but easy to get to, the property offers numerous outdoor locations for stunning table and lifestyle shots.













Head over to the NEW for samples and pricing then contact us to book your shot.