Project Spotlight: Carnival Grapes – Branding & Packaging

Have you ever tried grapes that are so surprisingly sweet you can’t believe they’re real grapes? If you have, consider yourself super lucky. That’s because until recently, one one variety has existed. And for those of us who have found these unicorn grapes, we will attest that they are seriously one of the best tasting fruit you’ll ever have the pleasure of experiencing.

So when our client Sunview Marketing let us know that they had a new grape variety of the same flavor, we literally did a happy dance. Not only because we LOVE these grapes, but because we knew we could really have fun with the branding and packaging.

As Sweet As Any Carnival Treat
With the name Carnival Grapes in place, the brand and packaging needed a great message to complete the platform. The flavor is so good, so addicting, that you could practically compare it to candy. But that’s overdone, and it’s not on theme. Enter the winning message: “As Sweet As Any Carnival Treat.” Can’t you just smell the melted sugar of a county fair when you hear that?

Super. Fun. Branding.
The bright, fun flavor of this grape deserves a bright, fun design. And the limited nature of the seasonality lends itself to a look that feels like a special celebration. The bold stripes and bright lights used in the graphics literally pulls you into a carnival experience. They are the perfect stage for this act.

A Crowd Pleaser
After a debut at The Produce Marketing Association’s 2018 Fresh Summit event — with a wooden carnival cart no less — it’s confirmed that Carnival Grapes are a crowd pleaser. Retailers and attendees had rave reviews for both the product and the packaging. Now we all just have to wait for its big season.