Project Spotlight: Radicle Snacks Packaging Design

That’s a Radicle Idea, Alright!
Radicle Snacks is all about creating healthy versions of the things we love to snack on. When this client came to us with the concept of healthy banana bites that are as satisfying as sour patch gummies, we were admittedly skeptical. But this client is an innovator who’s dedicated to turning the food world on its head and we’re here for that.

The Messaging Puzzle
Our client had started on a packaging design, but hit a wall with the group he was working with. He needed to get the design back on track. Design aside, the messaging didn’t explain what the product was, let alone do the crazy flavor experience any justice. With our long history of packaging expertise, we did what we’re best at: quickly identified the issues and started brainstorming solutions. 

You only have a few seconds to capture attention so every centimeter on a package counts. Starting with the messaging puzzle, we saw the opportunity to pull the product descriptor into the name itself.

Messaging before: Raw Banana Bites. Chewy and Sweetly Tart.

Messaging after: True Fruit Bites, Tart & Sweet : A Flavor Explosion

Design and Shape that Pops
Messaging in place, next up was the pouch design. We saw the potential for something really fun and bright to match the flavor profiles, and a few ways to tie messaging together. Here are the round one concepts presented:    


We honed in the look pretty quickly, settling on a very cool photorealistic design with fun type handling (Concept C).

Our boss has a thing for unique packaging (for darn good reason) and she saw the opportunity to literally make Radicle Snacks pop with a die cut shape. Now we’re on to something! We also needed to dial the fun factor back just a bit for the right amount of splashiness. Here’s how it evolved from round 2 to the final round.



And here is the final result!

An Appreciation for Great Printing
As if getting the client on board with a shaped pouch wasn’t thrilling enough, it turns out he has an appreciation for print. What’s so exciting about that? This meant the client understood that investing in great printing can greatly affect the final result of a package. He challenged us to make print recommendations that would make the package a true standout. Challenged gladly accepted! The final result of a selective spot varnish on a matte substrate (literally) made the design shine.

Thinking Outside Traditional Sales Channels
You’re probably assuming this product and package design was developed for retail sales. So were we! But turns out, true to the client’s innovative form—they had a non traditional sales channel in mind. Office campuses. Think Google, Apple, Facebook and the other large corporations in the Bay Area who offer employees free snacks. Price is less of an issue and the healthy attributes are valued. Win-win.


Winner Winner
And speaking of win-win, the packaging design earned a Davey Award!

Looking for disruptive packaging design that wins sales AND awards? Look no further.