Project Spotlight: Sakata Seed Veggie Guides

There is something to be said for printed content in a day and age when so much of our information is sent only in digital form. So it’s always fun for us to get a project that is destined for print from the get-go.

As a leading seed supplier to the agriculture industry, Sakata Seeds has become an invaluable resource to the industry when it comes to specific growing information. Take broccoli for example. Over 75% of the market grows broccoli seeds from Sakata (!) so trust us, no one knows broccoli like Sakata knows broccoli.

When Sakata brought us the opportunity to create an informational — yet modernized “Broccoli Master Guide,” we were immediately tasked with a serious content challenge. The key with this guide was to pack in a lot of details, but in a quick reference fashion that is relatable to growers. By taking an infographic type of design approach, we were able to achieve the flow we were looking for.

The broccoli guide was so well received that we recently created a Tomato Guide.

And not only are the guides handy printed pieces, they serve a great purpose online.

Bring on your content challenges and we’ll guide you to solutions!