SnackWell’s: Been There Done That

SnackWell's Devil's Food Rebrand

The SnackWell’s brand has seen quite an evolution over the years. From the iconic brand in the 80’s to that tribal tattoo vibe in the 90’s, SnackWell’s has been there and done that. So when the McDill team was approached to bring it into the era of “free from” ingredient statements for a “family friendly” position, the challenge was real.

Time line for SnackWell's brand evolution


Refresh an Iconic brand?! Let’s Do This.

If you know McDill, you know that there’s nothing we relish more than a challenging design project. And for better or worse, we’ve become known to overcome them in crazy short timeframes. Not ideal, but that’s just the reality of bringing a product to market these days. So in just a matter of weeks, the “before and after” was tested, launched and proven successful.

Before & After of SnackWell's brand with McDill


As Seen In Brand Packaging (#LifeGoals)

And much to our delight, our Snackwell’s redesign work was covered in Brand Packaging Magazine! #LifeGoals

Brand Packaging article on SnackWell's re-brand


Maintaining Consistency Across a Growing Product Line

But with any successful product launch comes the pressure of maintaining momentum – not to mention keeping up-to-date with labeling regulations, ingredient formulations, etc. Earning our place as a strategic and creative partner after the launch, McDill has since worked closely with the Back to Nature team who also manages the SnackWell’s brand to ensure consistency across the growing SnackWell’s product line.

The bigger a product line becomes, the more critical consistency becomes – carefully balanced with category differentiation. Color cues, shapes, messaging hierarchy and more are all part of the art and science in line extensions. Attention to detail and a knowledge of printing really come into play here as well.

While many creatives wouldn’t find these detailed aspects of the process so fascinating, that’s not the case at McDill. We proudly bring decades of experience and a genuine passion to the table when it comes to the nuances of packaging. And we think it shows.

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