Thinking Ahead to End of Year Wins

The human nature of a marketer is to turn a challenge into an opportunity. So while times are tough now, we see potential end of year wins for brands who can plan ahead with their marketing. Some things we’ve been thinking about…

Hungry for Good
For all the bad news we’ve been exposed to lately, it sure is nice to also see a spotlight on more good news. As a culture we’re simply hungry for more good. Good people making good things. Good business practices. Good deeds. Good content. What does your brand do that’s good? Now is the time to dial it in.

Online All the Time
Doing more of our daily business online is another trend that’s likely going to stick. If your brand doesn’t already have a solid digital presence, consider investing in what you can to step it up. Refining e-commerce strategies, improving your mobile experience and developing media rich content are just a few of the many ideas we would suggest exploring.

Making Memories
Social distancing positive? A cultural focus on trying to make happy memories in tough times. We predict that spending more time with loved ones will stay top of mind for quite some time. How is your brand a part of those moments? How can you make a connection with them? Answering these questions just might present a new campaign idea.

Loyalty Really Matters
Brand trust has never been more critical to nurture and grow. In today’s state of the world, we’re craving connections. Not just with the people we care about, but also from the brands and companies we support. How can these genuine connections translate to brand loyalty?

A Note on the Right Now
As always in marketing, timing is everything with brand communications. In a time of crisis, this is especially true. Consumers will tune out heavy outlays of messaging. What they can handle right now is the occasional clear and concise update. Don’t invest in communications that don’t have impact in their information. Focus on tone and delivery rather than frequency.

Finish Healthy & Strong
There is no doubt that almost all brands will be forever changed from the first half of 2020. And we understand that marketing can feel like an optional spend. But now is when brands need to show their strength by investing in planning ahead for a healthy end to the year.

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