VIDEO: 5 Packaging Makeovers in 50 Seconds

Of all the types of projects we work on, a package revamp just might be our very favorite. Maybe it’s because we love dissecting every inch of each panel. Or maybe it’s because we truly understand how critical it is to build a brand. Honestly, it’s probably because we’re just suckers for a really good makeover. After all, there is nothing quite like a compelling before and after, right?! And even better when these makeovers lead to a sales increase.


Before you check out the video, here’s a quick rundown:


(NEW!) Cosmic Crisp® 

Before – Predictable, dark and not very eye-appealing 

After – Bright, engaging and informative design that stands out 


(NEW!) Radicle Snacks

Before – Overly clean and modern design with ineffective product messaging

Award-Winning After – Uniquely shaped design with clear message hierarchy 


Pure Flavor®

Before – Variety-focused approach with disjointed messaging
Award-Winning After – Brand-focused approach that unifies product line while differentiating attributes


Artisan Lettuce
Before – Film and label package that commoditized brand and variety

Award-Winning After – Proprietary package and promotional label program builds brand and position


Katz Bakery
Before – Gluten-Free focus alienated new customers

Award-Winning After – Brand repositioning engages both gluten free loyalists and mainstream dessert lovers


Now enjoy our top 5 Packaging Makeovers in 50 Seconds Video and get inspired with what your own before and after could be.

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5 Packaging Makeovers in 50 Seconds

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