Highlights from Expo West 2018

It never ceases to amaze us how much Expo West grows each year. 2018 brought an awesome focus on Hot Products with an extra day dedicated to emerging brands and new disruptors.

Other than the trends we expected (think plant-based, functional, protein bars and healthier snacks)—there were a few things worth noticing. Watch the video and keep reading…

Engagement Strategies On Point

Unlike some of the other shows we frequent, exhibitors at Expo West have realized they have to step up their engagement strategies to break the clutter. Beyond sampling, how else can you engage attendees with your brand and products? A few of our faves:

Coconut Bliss – Find Your Bliss Name

This magical swirling box helped choose our Bliss Names (mine was Emerald River Leaf) and made us a necklace with a disc for each part of the name. Extra lucky peeps who drew winning ping pong balls got extra swag.

Kodiak Cakes – #ShareTheBear
Who can resist taking a photo with a Smokey The Bear lookalike? Not us. And we can win something by sharing it? We’re on it.

Kodiak Cakes also gets honors for the most thematic booth.

Campfire goals.

Cherryvale Farms – Pom Pom Flavor Vote
Crowd sourcing at its best! Our client Cherryvale Farms nailed choosing their next Instant Indulgence mug cake flavor with a pom pom voting system.

Zupa Noma – Soup Shotski
Sure, anyone can hand out tiny cups of cold soup. But only the awesomely bold can get the McDill team to do soup shotskis. Well played Zupa.

Social Causes Resonate

Social responsibility is essentially a have-to-have in the natural category, but bringing it to life can be challenging. Hats off to Meyer’s Soap for a relevant, engaging and fun way to incorporate a cause into their booth and product line.

Add a thumbprint = donate $1

Wash your hands with Meyer soap (we picked the radish scent)

Write down an Expo Pledge

Walk away feeling and smelling good!

Displays Can Be Different

From living walls and pallets to cool shapes and materials—It was inspiring to see brands think outside the booth from top to bottom.

Amazing overhead sign at Burt’s Bees

Meyer’s owns the farmhouse sink vibe. Just. So. Cool.

Spinning swag on a turntable? Yes please. Consider us inspired!

Looking to break the mold at your next trade show? Let’s do this.