Why We’ll Never Stop Believing in Cause Marketing

Anyone who has worked with us knows how much we believe in cause marketing. It’s in our boss’ DNA. She’s the Board President of Jacob’s Heart Children’s Cancer Support Services and the epitome of a giver. And just about everyone in the universe heard us up on our soapbox for well over a year promoting our Growing Forward™ with Feeding America® cause marketing program.

But the inspiration for this article came when I saw this new Guinness campaign, right in time for St. Patty’s Day:

This campaign is sheer genius if you ask me, and not just because it has all of the things I love in a campaign (including selfies and beer). It’s because it has a great cause marketing angle. This is an admittedly general approach to cause marketing, but that works here to keep it lighter than the beer. It’s still a solid example of why we’ll never stop believing in cause marketing because. Why?

Consumers Care

I can give you data points but let me just say this: as the primary shopper in my household I can assure you that when given the choice between 2 products — cause marketing will 100% influence my purchase decision if it’s a factor. Even if that means a higher cost. And there are a lot of women like me out there.

Beyond helping an immediate decision, cause marketing makes an impact over time in a brand relationship. When I see a brand I already love do some cause marketing, I love it even more. That love can often translate to a deeper relationship with a brand, which can also translate to word of mouth marketing.

Case in point — I took this pic last weekend at lunch with my family, explained the concept to my kids, told friends and co-workers about it, and sent a tweet.

Creates Co-Partnerships

The organization you are donating to, non competing brands, retail customers and even influencers are all viable partnerships within the realm of cause marketing. Partnerships in marketing are critical for two simple reasons: they expand your reach and your budget. There’s no reason to not join forces with like-minded brands to beat the same drum for a good cause.

Our Cloudy 2 with a Chance of Meatballs promotion with Sony Pictures, Feeding America and a handful of leading growers of fresh produce as a stellar example:

Meaningful, Sharable Content

The video we did for the Growing Forward™ with Feeding America® campaign still gives me the chills. It’s one of my favorite videos we’ve ever done and it had the smallest budget. Meaning goes a long way when it comes to content.

The bonus of this type of honest and meaningful content, is that it’s so sharable with all of the audiences that matter to your brand. Think your internal team (hello morale boost!), retail buyers, shoppers, media and influencers, the local community etc. etc. etc.…

I could easily give you several more reasons to believe as much as we do in cause marketing, but it’s probably time to step down from the soap box (again).

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